Roxy is a Prague legend known for great music. As a club, it was established in 1992, in what was a stylish American-style cinema with a smoking lounge; the original venue opened in 1927. Since then, Roxy has experienced some amazing moments – even if most of the interior was destroyed by the notorious 2002 floods. Despite everything that life has thrown at it, Roxy has always bounced back. And over a quarter of a century, the venue has proved that it can react to global music trends, and command admiration.

Such a regard is based on the quality music, which when Roxy began included concerts by Czech alternative bands, such as the famous Plastic People of the Universe. The popular venue has hosted many rock and heavy metal bands, including big global names. And since the 1990s, it has been attracting electronic music buffs. DJs and bands always love to come back, and they have always stressed how amazing the atmosphere and audiences have been. The Roxy’s interior has changed numerous times, undergoing transformation from a shabby underground space with peeling paint into a clean and stylish club. But the club didn’t turn into a trendy disco – instead it specialises in a variety of musical events.

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Next to Roxy, above a flight of old wooden stairs, is an associated space called NoD. A café during the day, it also sometimes hosts small-scale events, including new film screenings, exhibitions and concerts from excellent bands on the fringes of the music scene.

Patrick, Avantgarde Prague
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