Salm Palace

The relatively recently renovated Salm Palace on Hradčanské Square neighbours the Schwarzenberg Palace. And chronologically, the gallery’s exhibitions naturally follow on from the collection of Bohemian Baroque art next door. The Salm Palace also displays art of the 19th century, both Czech as well as Austrian and German, and the Classicist appearance of the palace makes the building look as if it were created specifically for such a collection. Originally intended as a series of apartments, the palace interior is fully in keeping with the spirit of the works on display.

At the beginning, your attention will be drawn to the art of Antonín Machko, an outstanding portrait artist and painter of historical scenes. You’ll also see works by František Tkadlík, the first Czech director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and Josef Navrátil. A landscape artist, he produced wall paintings too. In addition, the gallery houses works by the Mánes family, where besides those of Antonín and Quida, paintings by Josef, the most famous family member, stand out. He is one of the greatest exponents of Czech Romanticism. The collection presents a wide range, from landscapes and genre paintings to portraits; among them is the excellent Josefina, sometimes referred to as the “Czech Mona Lisa”.

Representing the landscape school in the collection are among others Adolf Kosárek and Bedřich Havránek, whose canvases combine romantic content with a realistic concept of painting. Among those who depicted historical themes, the prominent painter and artistic figure Jaroslav Čermák stands out. Thanks to his frequent sojourns abroad, we can see oriental scenes from Turkey and Montenegro. Works by Václav Prachner and Václav Levý showcase 19th century sculpture.

Names of German and Austrian art include Caspar David Friedrich (Northern Sea in the Moonlight painting), Christian Morgenstern and Carl Rottmann. The ground floor of the Salm Palace is given over to temporary exhibitions.


Another possibility is the study depository, which takes you behind the scenes of the gallery, as part of special programmes. You can also see the works as they are installed in the depositories.

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