Lavish interior design and a great-looking stage area with excellent sound: such features made SaSaZu a revelation at one time. When it burst onto the Prague scene, most venues were shabby former industrial spaces. In the few years that it has been in business in the Czech capital, more spots, with a similar concept, have opened. Essentially, you could call them clubs combined with Asian restaurants. SaSaZu is still one of the leaders of the pack, although its glory days are perhaps behind it now. Sometimes, the venue hosts hip-hop bands releasing their albums, or parties with globally-famous techno DJs. Concerts are staged at SaSaZu, and Asian fusion fans should head for the adjoining restaurant, regarded as one of the best places in Prague for such cuisine.

beyond the centre | Holešovice
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Restaurant | Bar | Nightclub
Asian | Vietnamese
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Once a month, SaSaZu holds courses on Southeast Asian cooking, and we recommend them as a gift. And the club can organise something completely different for you – a trip to the SAPA Asian Market, a city within the city. You can buy typically Asian ingredients, go for a massage, and learn loads of fascinating things that you wouldn’t discover on a traditional tour of the city centre.

Anaïs, Avantgarde Prague
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