Sicily Café

At Sicily Café, near the Jindřišská Bell Tower, you can choose every day from two soup options and four main dishes, including at least one vegetarian and one vegan option. And don’t worry if you want to (or have to) avoid wheat-based cooking, there are gluten-free options. The basis of the evening menu is pasta (again, gluten-free versions are available) in classic dishes like all’arrabbiata, goats cheese and pine nuts, or carbonara. A separate section of the menu features of tortilla rolls, including two vegan dishes combining eggplant tapenade and tofu or hummus, avocados and vegetables. But Sicily Café doesn’t forget meat lovers, and if you fall into this category, beef steaks are on the menu. The philosophy of the owners in all respects is sustainability – which also extends to waste management and packaging. And if you take an environmental and ethical approach to food, you’ll feel at home at Sicily Café.

city centre | New Town
 Type of establishment
Restaurant | Tea & Coffee
Free Wi-Fi
Wheelchair accessible
Suitable for families with children
Pet friendly
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And Sicily Café doesn’t just think about guests who come in groups – it caters for solo visitors too. Thus, it stocks daily newspapers, and the shelves are stacked with books. Pick something to read with your cup of coffee. Linger with something to read and drink, especially in the back lounge, the result of a recent extension to Sicily Café.

Šárka, Avantgarde Prague
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