Staropramen Brewery

The brewery where one of the most famous Czech beer brands is produced opens to visitors in several ways. Besides the popular audio-visual tour of the brewery history and beer production, including tasting, you can also visit the Staropramen brewery for concerts and other social events. Czech rock and rap bands play increasingly often at the complex; sometimes famous international bands are invited. Billy Talent appeared at Staropramen for example. You can find all the latest news on the Facebook page.

The complex also includes the modern Potrefená husa pub and restaurant, a successful dining concept that Staropramen has been developing since the 1990s in Prague and other larger cities in the Czech Republic.

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Hugely popular are the open days, when entry to Staropramen is free and to the live music in the courtyard. In summer, other fun events such as Czech Beer Days, which showcases card games and other traditions, take place at Staropramen. The brewery also hosts the Food Rocks street food festival.

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