Sternberg Palace

Near the entrance to the Prague Castle, the Baroque Šternberg Palace houses the European collections of the National Gallery. If you're staying in Prague for more than a few days, you'll want to visit it, both for the collection on display and for the palace itself, whose beautiful ceiling frescoes and small cabinets have been restored.

On the whole, the collection is interesting above all for its diversity: it's a pleasure to move from antique bronzes to Italian majolica, from Byzantine icons to Tuscan altarpieces and Flemish landscapes.

For those who linger and stroll, the tour is full of surprises, punctuated by some real masterpieces. Magnificent portraits will accompany you throughout your visit: two astonishingly realistic women from the Fayum, Bronzino's Eleonora of Toledo with a face as patinated and shiny as precious porcelain, portraits by Goya and El Greco with penetrating psychology, yet another by Rubens, brilliant and sumptuous... At the end of the tour, you'll even meet Dürer himself, watching you with authority in the background of one of his masterpieces, "The Celebration of the Rosary".