Super Tramp Coffee

It’s probably the best concealed café in the heart of Prague. If you look carefully, you’ll find it in the courtyard of a building between Opatovická and Spálená streets. Pass through dark passageways and then – suddenly – a courtyard opens out before you, resembling something from a post-modern film. The most striking feature is a pseudo-ancient arcade culminating in the upper floors with a terrace of mock ancient columns. And directly opposite stands Super Tramp Coffee, under the terrace of another veranda that, just for a change, features imitation Baroque columns.

It looks like a hipster joint; from the vinyl discs played on the record player, music fills the air. This place comes across as wonderfully decadent, shabby, and dark grey, and yet full of life. Adding an optimistic note to the whole venue is the greenery, the seeds of which are borne by the wind. The plants appear everywhere, in cracks in the walls and in the rusted gutters. Even if you can’t visit for a coffee and something sweet, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the atmosphere of another dimension. Something will have an impact on you. But what exactly?

City Centre | New Town
 Type of establishment
Tea & Coffee
Free wi-fi
Suitable for families with children
Pet friendly
Credit card

Don’t despair if your visit makes you feel a little gloomy. Nearby you’ll find the famous U Fleků brewery, to bring you back to beer-centred reality.

Anaïs, Avantgarde Prague
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