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When In the Evening
Where? National Theatre

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More than 150 years have passed since the historic premiere of Verdi’s La traviata, based on Dumas's novel The Lady with Camellias. But the timeless story continues to appeal even today. And if anyone is in any doubt, they should see the powerful production at the National Theatre, directed by Jana Kališová.

The main character of the story is the Parisian courtesan Violetta Valéry, who in her worsening illness withdraws from parties and sinks into gloomy despair. At one of their parties, Alfredo Germont admits that he loves her deeply. Violetta fluctuates between being with him and going to her old ways of life; in the end, however, she confesses her love, and together they move to the countryside. There, when Alfredo is absent, his father Giorgio makes a cruel request: he asks Violetta to leave Alfredo, for this will be the only way his daughter will be able to be happily married. Violetta has to come to terms with her notoriety and make a fateful decision ...

The character of Violetta, combining a noble beauty with a tragic sense of resignation and symbolising defiance of the prejudices of the time, is not easy to portray adequately. But the brilliant performance by soprano Marie Fajtová undoubtedly dominates the entire opera. Her beautiful, playful voice is complemented by the National Theatre Orchestra directed by Jaroslav Kyzlink. The staging is magical and captivating, and faithful to the spirit of Verdi’s masterpiece, and the dance and ballet element will captivate you, highlighting the excellent vocal and dramatic aspects of the performance. La Traviata cannot promise idealistic impressions like other operas; but you can trust that the classic romantic work will be a deeply affecting experience.

The opera has three acts and is performed in the original Italian with English and Czech subtitles.

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National Theatre Národní 223/2 Praha 1 – Nové Město 110 00

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