Key details

Duration 1 hour
Instant confirmation
When In the Afternoon
Where? Ta Fantastika Black Light Theatre


* Discover black light theatre with this unique performance featuring elements of street art.
* Join us to explore Prague and its history through the images and music of the Light Art Show.

Main description

When you enter the theatre on Karlova Street, all you see is a blank white screen. Then, all the lights will turn off, and the canvas (containing phosphorus) will come to life with street art created by an artist using two light sprays. The most important sights of Prague will appear in front of you, as well as important historical events and famous personalities, with extraordinary lightness and skill.

The scenes alternate at a rapid pace, and the whole atmosphere is illustrated with music always in keeping with them. This original and dynamic performance doesn’t stop for one minute.

At the end of this artistic spectacle, the creators will explain how black theatre works, and you will also have the opportunity to try it on stage. And who knows, maybe you can discover hidden talent in yours… Children in particular love this part!

Before you go

* The performance starts at 5 p.m.
* The seats in the theatre aren’t numbered. We therefore recommend arriving at least 20 minutes beforehand to guarantee a good position.

Let’s meet there:

Ta Fantastika Black Light Theatre Karlova 186/8 Praha – Staré Město 110 00

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