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When In the Evening
Where? National Theatre

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If you’re a fan of romanticism portrayed in drama, don’t miss the modern opera version of one of Goethe’s greatest works, performed at the National Theatre and directed by Willy Decker.

Werther is in love with kind-hearted teacher Charlotte, who reciprocates but cannot tell him so. Insistent on fulfilling her pledge to her deceased mother to marry another man, she finds herself in conflict with her heart’s desire. She brings misery to both herself and Werther, who cannot bear her decision, with ultimately has tragic consequences for him.

Tenor Richard Samek brings to life the unfortunate figure of Werther, who symbolises unrequited love, the tragedy of being caught between two choices, and overwhelming emotionality. In his masterful vocal and dramatic work, the excellent singing and passionate performance is emphasised by the evocative music performed by the Orchestra of the National Theatre and conducted by Peter Kofroň. Complementing the musical and dramatic aspect is the remarkable stage design by Wolfgang Gussmann. The minimalism of the props and the deep blue background, together with the wonderful costumes, which have a fairytale quality, create a sense of constancy. Such an atmosphere underlines the timelessness of Werther’s story, taking your mind off your worries and truly offering you the opportunity to become part of a work of art.

Thus, the dynamic culmination of the performance, both in terms of the vocal tension of the protagonists and the dramaturgy, under the baton of Beno Blachuta, becomes a true masterpiece.

The opera is staged in the original French with English and Czech subtitles.

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National Theatre Národní 223/2 Praha 1 – Nové Město 110 00

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