Troja Château Gardens

Most tourists heading for Prague’s Troja district only visit the zoo or botanic gardens. But the neighbourhood offers much more. Charming gardens extend round the strikingly coloured Troja Chateau, and they make an ideal spot for a short walk. Or, you could relax and have a seat on one of the numerous benches in the chateau gardens.

The gardens were created at the end of the 17th century and modelled on a French Baroque park. Thus, they have a strong symmetrical and geometric emphasis. The paths converging in the central point (Neptune’s Fountain) are lined with ornamental beds, and groups of fruit trees and ornamental trees. The overall composition is tastefully complemented by decorative elements, such as statues, fountains and a collection of terracotta urns, on the perimeter of the upper terrace. One of the design highlights is surely the double staircase, offering access entrance to the chateau and decorated with themes from ancient fables. Don’t forget to visit the labyrinth, a favourite attraction among children.

The garden was originally part of the adjacent St Clare’s Vineyards (named after the patron of the wife of the founder of the chateau – Clara Bernardina von Maltzahn). Today, the vineyard, together with the chapel, is part of the Prague Botanic Gardens.

Entry to the gardens is free, during the chateau opening hours. You can therefore explore Troja even if you don’t plan to see the chateau interiors. And you could combine your visit with a walk to nearby Stromovka Park.



Trojská zámecká zahrada

The beautiful gardens often host various public events such as the Troja Wine Festival, Foodparade and many others. You can also hire a part of the garden for your private banquet or party.

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