Týnská literární kavárna

You’ll find the Týnská literární kavárna (Týn Literary Café) amidst the labyrinth of streets of the Old Town. It lies very close to the Týn Church, and near the Humanities Faculty of Charles University and other important cultural institutions. Students, artists and intellectuals regard the café as a favourite meeting place.

Upon entering, be sure to check out the library – where you’ll discover some rare finds. Then, take a seat in one of the small rooms, featuring whitewashed arched ceilings. Or, relax in the garden courtyard, offering a cooling spot during scorching summer days.

The prices at the café are unbeatable. Order a classic espresso or choose from many other delicious varieties of coffee. Simply order and make yourself comfortable. In addition to numerous interesting books, daily newspapers are available. You can also play cards or chess. Or, listen to the regulars as they hold lively discussions on current cultural events.

City Centre | Old Town
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Tea & Coffee
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The café is housed in the beautiful House at the Golden Ring, which boasts Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The building is home to a City of Prague Museum permanent exhibition on Prague architecture during the reign of King Charles IV. So, you can combine a visit with an opportunity to meet Prague young people in a friendly café, in a relaxed atmosphere, with historical discoveries.

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