U Fleků

With its eight dining rooms and terrace, this brasserie near the New Town Hall can accommodate almost a thousand customers. A figure that is sometimes really reached, especially when there is a musical production consisting mainly of old Prague songs. The service attire, the interior and the menu are also in the old Prague style. The menu does not stand out for its imaginativeness: you’ll find the great classics such as the obligatory goulash, sirloin, grilled sausage, head cheese and small sausages marinated in vinegar. Don’t expect any culinary miracles, but you should know that you’ll also avoid disappointment. It’s honest, ordinary brasserie cuisine that you’ll enjoy here, with a small price premium due to the fame of the place, and overall you’ll get a good taste of 'traditional' Prague style. Although the setting may seem a little 'cardboard', you will find some authentic elements: for example, the two cannonballs embedded in the wall of the restaurant, which are a relic of the Thirty Years’ War.

City Centre | New Town
 Type of establishment
Restaurant | Beer
Free wi-fi
Suitable for families with children
Pet friendly
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