U Zavěšenýho kafe

Have you heard of a hanging coffee (the name of the café in translation)? Someone pays for an extra drink in advance, in case a fellow guest comes in need and doesn’t have the means to pay for the coffee. Thus, the public-spirited guest is paying anonymously for or his or her fellow citizen.

The word “coffee” in the name of this authentic Lesser Town establishment is misleading. But the regulars don’t mind, and they know that. Visitors from abroad quickly get used to the untouristy atmosphere, Czech cuisine, and pub snacks to accompany a glass of beer. And then there are the views over Prague, a glimpse of the Petřín lookout tower and the pictures on the walls, illustrating the fictitious history of the pub. Yes, because in their day, Albert Einstein, Tomáš Alva Edison, and leading local names, such as Milena Jesenská, Egon Erwin Kisch, Jaroslav Hašek and Jan Werich visited. You mean it’s not true? There was no Hanging Coffee in the old days? It doesn’t matter – people almost believe this story.

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The building housing U Zavěšenýho kafe is called U Tří sekyrek (At the Three Axes). Legend has it that the owner broke numerous of these tools before finally managing to behead a strapping but penniless apprentice. His destructive behaviour comes a no surprise: as a father, he was furious with his daughter for her disobedient behaviour. Despite his orders not to do so, she continued her amorous encounters with the unsuitable apprentice. They were caught. The apprentice sustained three blows with the axe; his daughter was chopped in half.

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