Vagon is a great refuge for lovers of classic rock. Even though the club lies in the heart of historic Prague, they won’t feel intimidated by drinks that they’ve never heard of, or by precious designer furniture. Basically, Vagon is a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of place to hear live rock or blues. Relax in a traditional wooden chair at a sturdy table and enjoy the music with a decent Czech beer or a shot of something stronger. Or, you can dance in front of the stage.

Vagon stages concerts and rock discos, as well as live performances of popular Czech rock bands, some of which have been playing for decades (for example, underground legends such as the Plastic People of the Universe), and also revival bands.

city centre | Old Town
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Vagon stages great concerts of the band Garage, which you can hear regularly here. The events are usually followed by a rock disco packed with famous hits, especially American and British rock, and DJs play videos sometimes.

Šárka, Avantgarde Prague
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