Xao is a gallery, bookstore and micro-publishing house run by a collective of graduates of the illustration studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). It focuses on picture books, contemporary illustration and comics. You will find here a selection of books by independent publishers: Baobab, Rubato, Labyrint, Take Take Take, Lipnik, Napoli, Roe, Bylo nebylo, Meander, Neklid, Absynt, wo-men, Éditions Cornélius, Mot, Ateliér ilustrace UMPRUM, Jan Čumlivský, Schnösel Mösel, Fan Art and others. Xao also organizes exhibitions on book culture, illustration and graphic design, workshops, readings and book launches.

Beyond the Centre | Vršovice

In addition, Xao also sells nice postcards, which are certainly different from the ones depicting the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, which you find all around Prague.

Ana, Avantgarde Prague
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