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Public Transport in Prague

Public transport in Prague comprises the metro, trams and buses, and ferries crossing the River Vltava. The network also includes the funicular to Petřín Hill, and certain train routes.


Made up of more than 60 kilometres of underground railway, the Prague Metro connects the city centre with the outskirts. Compared to other European underground railways, it is characterised by spacious stations, punctuality and cleanliness. There are three metro routes: Line A (green), Line B (yellow), and Line C (red).

The metro runs from 4:30 a.m. to 00:45 a.m.; the last train leaves the terminal at midnight, so you can make the last trip to the city centre at around 00:20 a.m. During peak hours, the metro runs every 2 to 5 minutes and every 5 to 10 minutes at off-peak hours and during the weekend.

With a few exceptions, metro stations have island platforms, with a track on each side. To help you choose the right direction, there is a large sign above the platform, showing the entire line, with the station where you are, and arrows indicating both end stations.


Prague city centre is crisscrossed by a dense network of tram routes, which makes the tram the most used means of transport for city centre transfers. Operating non-stop, trams run in intervals of 1 to 20 minutes, depending on the particular day and hour, and the location. Night trams run from midnight to 4.30 in the morning, every half hour, and every 20 minutes from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.

Especially in the summer months there are many closures because of maintenance of the tram network, which leads to changes to the usual routes. You can easily identify affected services because the timetables are printed on yellow paper.


Buses rarely venture into the centre of Prague. They are, however, a clever way of getting to the Prague suburbs. The same tickets apply on buses as for trams or the metro.

Buses enable you to cover long distances conveniently, such as Prague Zoo (bus no. 112).

They run at intervals of 1 to 20 minutes, depending on the particular day and hour, and the location.


Line no. 59 serves Prague Airport.

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