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Where to find excellent restaurants, pubs, bistros, coffee shops, bars and music clubs in Prague


Roxy is a Prague legend known for great music. As a club, it was established in 1992, in what was a stylish American-style cinema with a ...


This sweet shop founded in 1904 by František Myšák (Mouse) used to be a big local name. After the move and a transfer to a new address in ...

Café Imperial

You’ve just attended a concert in the Smetana Hall or you’ve just been admiring the buildings on Wenceslas Square. Either way, you're feeling enthused by the elegance of Belle Époque and don’t want to lose its magic. Keep the wonder alive by visiting the unique Café Imperial.

Municipal House Restaurant

The Municipal House Restaurant is one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau restaurants in Europe. Here you can enjoy classic Czech dishes in a modern concept as well as delicacies of international cuisine, perfectly treated Pilsner beer and wines from all over the world.

Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna is the most central venue – close to the middle of Prague’s main square. The building has a large main space staging concerts and ...

Kolkovna Olympia

At the foot of Petřín Hill, the restaurant was restored to its present form in 2003; the result successfully combines wooden panelling, retro furniture, and copper brewing kettles.

Malostranská beseda

The Malostranská beseda (Malá Strana Circle) building, on the corner of Malostranské square, houses three separate establishments: a café, a restaurant and a pub. The restaurant’s menu offers mainly traditional Czech dishes matching Pilsen Urquell beer served with mastery.

Café Savoy

Some cafés and restaurants are such a visual treat that you just don’t know where to look first. Should you gaze up at the ornate ...


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This social centre and shopping arcade in one ignores the flashiness typical of shopping malls – soulless temples of consumerism. ...


Lavish interior design and a great-looking stage area with excellent sound: such features made SaSaZu a revelation at one time. When it ...


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Naše maso

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à Table!

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Akropolis Palace

Acropolis began as a place for alternative culture. Gradually it went through a series of changes, but kept the overall concept. Various ...


Located in the hotel of the same name close to Lucerna Palace, Alcron has been serving high-quality meals since 1932. Today, the hotel is ...

Art Restaurant Mánes

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A gallery of modern art? A Restaurant? And why not both together? In this family restaurant near Újezd, you will find a few tables, a piano ...

Augustine Restaurant

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People most often meet at Avantgarde for business. The restaurant, on the ground floor of the PPF Gate Building in Prague’s Dejvice ...